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The Ponatahi Christian School Prospectus


This is the agreement between the school, parents, and student, which we expect to have signed as a condition of any student using the school’s I.T. systems.

Student Use of Computers: Acceptable Use Policy

The computer network, and laptops on loan to senior students is the property of the School. The School is responsible for all the content on the network and associated systems and therefore reserves the right to maintain the system’s integrity. The school provides computers for education, not recreation.

The school does not deem all recreational computer use to be necessarily sinful, but like many recreational activities, school is not the appropriate place for this. The school recognises the vital place computer education has to prepare students for further learning and employment in this world which the Lord has called us to live in. However the school also is aware of the extreme danger which computers, especially internet access, has for well-being and spiritual life of young people. Hence computers, including the internet, are an integral part of education at this school, but are to be used with strict guidelines which parents and students must understand.

All students will be issued with a login and a password, which permits them to have, supervised (either electronically or by an adult) access to computers in the School and filtered internet access.

Rules for your Internet and Computer Use

  1. For your own safety you are NOT to lend your LOGON ID and PASSWORD to other people. Your logon and password are your own personal property and no one else’s, and your logon and password are only to be used for school work.
  2. You are NOT to access, or attempt to access, any areas of the INTERNET or COMPUTER NETWORK that you have not been authorised by a teacher to use. This includes accessing the school’s server any other way other than the normal logon process and accessing any part of the school’s server other than your own student folder. Neither are you to access or attempt to access any internet site known to have been blocked or forbidden by school management. In particular it is understood that games sites, chat rooms, unapproved email sites, joke sites, and sports sites are forbidden by school management, and any unauthorized attempt to download images, music or videos for private use is also forbidden.
  3. Good manners and adherence to the “Special Character” of the school are the rule, no matter what computing environment you find yourself in.
  4. You are responsible for backing up your work to your folder on the school server and also to your memory stick. (The school cannot guarantee the safety of work stored on the server.)
  5. Be aware of Copyright laws. It’s the Law.
  6. You shall respect the school’s equipment. It is not your property.
  7. You will not use the computer to give out your name, address or telephone number, or the name, address and telephone number of others.
  8. You will respect the rights, privacy and property of others. This includes their passwords and files.
  9. You may not load any private software, especially games, on any school computer or laptop without permission from the school.

Agreement of Understanding

  1. I understand that the sole purpose of the computer system at school is education, and therefore I will only use the computers as directed by subject teachers. Any non-educational use of computers is something for me to negotiate with my parents at home, and does not belong at school.
  2. I understand that if I deliberately break the rules through inappropriate use of the school’s computer systems, this will result in disciplinary action, and my parents will be notified. I may lose my computer and/or internet access for up to a week. A second offence may result in losing computer and/or internet access for a term, and a third offence may result in an even longer or permanent ban. Any school work or learning which is compromised as a result of being banned from the computer is the fault of the student and therefore the school is under no obligation to provide opportunities to catch up – even if national qualifications are affected. A serious offence such as deliberately accessing an offensive internet site or deliberately corrupting (“hacking”) someone else’s work may result in a long term ban on the first offence in addition to appropriate school discipline. Accessing a school’s computer, or a privately owned computer at school, while under a ban is also likely to invoke serious school discipline. A senior student who is borrowing a laptop must return the laptop while under a period of being banned from the school’s computers.
  3. I understand that any accidental breach of the rules, especially the accidental opening of an inappropriate internet site should be reported to the teacher straight away and that this action may prevent me from getting into serious trouble. The school recognises that with all the protections in place, “accidents” can occur, sometimes by the deliberate malicious actions of others outside the school. When this occurs it is very important to immediately report it – not only to save yourself from serious implications, but so that the school can take steps to prevent repeats such as passing on the information to our internet filter provider.
  4. I am responsible for any inappropriate activity or internet site access through my user-code and therefore it is very important that I never give away my password or leave the computer without logging off.
  5. I understand that every press of a key, every internet site I visit, and every word I type, is monitored by tracking software and saved on the school’s server for inspection by school management. Likewise any information stored on a memory device, including one privately owned, may be subject to school inspection if brought to school.
  6. If I choose to bring a private laptop or device to use at school, all computer use, and any data stored on the private computer is subject to all rules above, and inspection by school management.
  7. I understand that I need to organise a signed computer pass from a subject teacher before accessing a computer at lunchtime, interval, before school or after school, and any computer use during this time will be consistent with the terms of the computer pass.
  8. I understand that all printouts are to be in black and white, with the colour printer only to be used for final production on pieces of work where colour is required.
  9. I will only access the school server by going through the usual student logon process, and not even attempt to access it any other way. I understand that failure to obey this is a serious offence and exposes me to an allegation of “hacking”.