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The Ponatahi Christian School Prospectus


The quality of a school can always be measured by the quality of its staff, and we are very thankful for the Lord’s provision, with every team member having a unique set of specialist skills and a valued niche role.

Staff Members – 2017

Top Row, from left:
Mr John Davenport: English and material technology specialist.
Mrs Elsa Van der Put: Y2&3.
Mrs Ada Geuze: Teacher aide for Special Needs and part time New Entrant teaching.
Mr John Geuze: Caretaker
Mr Harry Bosch: Religious Education
Mr Bernard Bottrill: Physical sciences specialist, maths, I.M..
Mr Martin Schot: Biology specialist, science, maths, P.E.
Miss Jenna Hagan: Y4&5.
Mrs Dalina Armstrong: Literacy specialist.
Miss Marcella Holl: Intern teacher aide / Cleaner

Bottom Row, left to right:
Mrs Marian Evers: Music specialist.
Miss Nelly Slabbekoorn: Office Manager.
Mrs Judith Verbeek: Y2&3.
Mr Hank Optland: Deputy Principal, humanities and aviation specialist
Mr Peter Bertram: Principal, Religious Ed, occasional subjects in Y11-13.
Mr Ronald Bertram: Head of Primary
Mrs Bobbie Bertram (“Grandma”): Library.
Mrs Rebecca Vergunst: former Bursar
Mrs Amy Stolte: Special Needs

All teaching staff are fully trained, with university or equivalent education in their specialist fields, and hold practicing certificates issued by the Education Council of Aoteoroa, New Zealand (EDUCANZ).


Absent from the picture above are, from left to right: Mrs Danomie Kotze (Y0-1), Mrs Rosalind Cressy (Promary Reading), Miss Esther Schult (Bursar), Mrs Renee Van Proaag (Teacher Aide) and Miss Katherine Sprowson (Y6 Teacher)