School Roll Update

Given the physical constraints of the classrooms, and the expected new entrants in the coming years, the school roll is currently closed, except for new entrants (five year olds) from the local automatic “preference” churches (The Free Presbyterian Church, Carterton, and the Reformed Church Masterton), and all members of the proprietor church (The Reformed Congregations of NZ, Carterton) whom the school is mandated to provide for. And even in these cases we usually expect the children to be on our list from birth to be guaranteed a place.

Yet application forms are still being received for a place on the waiting list in case the situation changes.

We have always tried to balance being inclusive with not trying to compete with the local state schools for students. Therefore the temporary “exclusive” roll intake is not something that pleases us, but has come upon us in God’s providence even though our advertising budget is $0.