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The Ponatahi Christian School Prospectus


From a Biblical foundation to prepare young people for the world in which they must live, work and continue to learn; the LORD willing. That, with God’s grace, they have developed the necessary life skills and attitudes, to be enabled to discern between sinful and godly values and make choices accordingly. This includes using their talents and opportunities for service in God’s Kingdom at a personal, family, church and community level.

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Procedures for Enrolment
Upholding the Special Character
The School At a Glance
Property and Buildings
Attendance Dues and Other Costs
Behaviour & Discipline
Peacemaker Principles
Uniform Code
Curriculum (What we teach)
Methodology & Pedagogy (How we teach)
NCEA Information
Information Technology – Student Agreement
Creation / Evolution
Routine School Matters
Complaints Procedure
BOT Documents
Our Vision
Our Core Values

Catechism Lessons come directly under the Reformed Congregations of NZ. The presenter here is Elder Arie (Harry) Bosch.