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The Ponatahi Christian School Prospectus


The Board of Trustees has a range of procedure and policy statements showing how the school meets the requirements of the National Administration Guidelines (the NAGs).

NAG1: Curriculum
NAG2: Documentation and Self-Review
NAG3: Being a good employer
NAG4: Stewardship of property and finance
NAG5: Health and safety of students
NAG6: Legal compliance
NAG7: School Charter Review
NAG8: Analysis of Variance (reflection on previous year’s goals)

The School Charter, Strategic Plan, and Annual Management Plan may be of particular interest to parents.

BOT minutes, agenda, and the monthly principal’s report to the BOT are also public documents and any interested parent can request these to be regularly emailed. Please see the office.


Most school policies can be found on line, and one the schooldocs site there is almost always one or more policies currently being reviewed to which you are welcome to give input to.

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Search for your school.”
  3. Start typing the school’s name and then select it from the dropdown list.
  4. The username is “ponatahi” and the password is available on request. These are case sensitive. Once you get this far you should be able to save the password and a link to this page on your desktop.
  5. From the homepage you should have access to all of the schools policy statements which are on this website. There is a tab for quick access to the policy statements currently under review. There is also an easy to use search facility.

Specific Instructions to have your say in policy review …

From the homepage click on this icon.

This opens a list of policies currently under review, and a review schedule in the months and years to come, God willing. Click on the one you want to review and once it is open it is also easy to obtain a printout which may be useful for the rest of the process.

  1. Click the red review button at the top right-hand corner of the page.
  2. Select your role (board member, staff member, or parent/caregiver) from the drop-down list.
  3. Enter your name (optional).
  4. Submit your ratings and comments.

The green general feedback button can be used to send a general comment on the content or implementation of any policy at any time. But the green button does not work for policy review.

To participate in the review process you must click on the red icon.

The SchoolDocs site does work from a smartphone, but a desktop computer is advised.