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The Ponatahi Christian School Prospectus


All normal school operating costs including most on-going maintenance, salaries and learning resources are paid for by the Board of Trustees (BOT) out of Government Grants.

But the land and buildings are not provided by the government, and therefore the Proprietors, the Ponatahi Christian School Trust (Board of Proprietors or simply “BOP”) charges attendance dues to cover the following costs:

  • Capital works
  • Loan repayments
  • Rates and capital maintenance
  • Administration costs associated with the School Proprietors including insurances.

Attendance dues to be paid to the BOP, excluding GST: (From term 1, 2021)
1st child: $150 per term, or $600 per year
2nd child: $75 per term, or $300 per year. (Total for 2 children is $225 per term.)
3rd child: $37.50 per term, or $150 per year (Total for 3 or more children is $262.50 per term)
4th child: no charge.

Methods of Payment to the BOP: Internet banking is preferred, either by invoice each term or by automatic payment with the cost divided by 12 months. The school office will assist in getting this set up.

School Bus Costs: There is no charge to the parents for the daily school bus run.

Voluntary Donation to be paid to the BOT: This donation is asked by the BOT to help towards the cost of school trips, including transport for school trips and transport to indoor swimming lessons, etc. This is $50, $25, and $12.50 per term for the 1 , 2 , and 3 child of each family respectively. In recent years we are grateful that almost every family has paid the voluntary donation that every school family benefits from.

Other costs to parents to be paid to the BOT:

  • Uniform which typically costs between $100 to $200 per child depending on items purchased.
  • Stationery which can be purchased through the school’s stationery shop. (Note that when write- on books are required for a course, families do have the option of not buying them, but then the students must not write in them, and return them at the end of the year. Typically if more than one write-on book is required for a course then the school will provide the second and subsequent books.)
  • School trips. Some extra, optional, recreational activities not covered by the donation, above, (e.g.: ten pin bowling on the way home) will be the cost of the families, but there is no charge for curriculum related visits.
  • Damage to school property through carelessness or misbehavior, and lost library books.
  • Materials for large technology projects, e.g.: a piece of furniture, when the student chooses to take the finished product home.

Methods of Payment to the BOT: All BOT costs are entered on a family account with a statement sent home each term.