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The Ponatahi Christian School Prospectus


Our planet, and the universe is so finely tuned to support life that a less than 1% change in any of the fundamental laws of physics will be enough to prevent life. This is pure design, by a super intelligent and all powerful Creator. God created the laws of physics on the first day with “Let there be light”. Upon the laws of physics rest the laws of chemistry, and upon the laws of chemistry rest the laws of biology. And so we teach science to our students from this foundation. We do not accept evolution, nor long ages of time in Genesis 1. We refuse to teach our children of a “god” who used evolution, that is death, suffering, and waste, over millions of years to make something good. We believe in a literal six day creation, less than ten thousand years ago, as described in Genesis 1, as understood by any unprejudiced child who reads this chapter.

Jesus answered and said, I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes. Matthew 11:25.

Two Unsurmountable Problems with Evolution:

  1. The “first living cell” is impossible by natural means and even the concept runs contrary to the proven laws of biology and chemistry. Life is far too complex, and the materials needed to make a cell do not exist from non-life and even if they do they would decay within seconds outside of a living cell. Hundreds of millions of complex biochemical reactions take place in a living cell every second. Even a billion billion years is not long enough for something that is plainly impossible. Evolution is dead on the start line!
  2. There are no known examples of genetic information increasing leading to new improved features of any living thing. Natural selection (survival of the fittest) can do amazing things such as birds losing the ability to fly, adaptations in beak shape to cope with the available food supply, and changes in colour to aid camouflage. But these changes are always net losses of genetic information or at most a change in ratios of genes already present. The global direction of genetic information has been downhill ever since Adam sinned. The problem to evolutionists is where the wings or the beak came from in the first place. Even a billion billion years is not long enough for a more complex animal to evolve when genetic change is going the wrong direction. Evolution does not have a forward mechanism!

Birds becoming flightless, left, is genetic loss, and therefore fits our model (creation followed by decay) better than the evolutionary (uphill) model.

Natural selection, right, leading to different beak shapes according to food availability, does occur and is a shift in the ratio of genes already present. It takes only a few generations, not millions of years, and unless genetic information is lost from the population, the beak shape has the potential to change back, as has been observed.

Did bears have a common ancestor? It is almost certain! And the same applies to the cat family, dog family, antelope family, etc. From a genetically rich ancestral population, offspring spread into environments with different natural selection pressures. This process leads to new species, but not new families, and continues to occur today. A bear will always be a bear! And it is genetic loss, with each new species having less genetic information than the original ancestors. Again, it can take place in a few generations, not millions of years. This is proven science, with lots of supporting data from the field, and is very supportive of the Biblical account of the animals of Noah’s ark, and Adam being able to name all of the animals in a single day. How long does it take to breed pure black and pure white guinea pig populations from genetically rich parents? Millions of years or a few generations? It doesn’t take a PhD!

Children all around the western world are being shown examples like these. Textbooks are full of it. And yet most children are never taught to question whether the evidence is better explained by a loss or by a gain of genetic information. They are always told that these examples “prove” evolution. They are also told about changes to genes called “mutations”, but they are not told that mutations are always damages to existing genes, and never an increase of useful information leading to a more complex life form. Even bacteria developing immunity to antibiotics is now known to be the loss of genetic functionality. And so the mindset of the child is permanently fixed, reinforcing the message explained on page 3.

It doesn’t take millions of years

At left: This is what happens when a student shakes up a handful of dirt in water and lets it settle for 24 hours. The particles are hydrologically separated into, in this case, over 20 discernable layers.

At right: Over 10 meters of layered rock was formed in a few hours on June 12th 1980, from the eruption of Mt Saint Helens, USA. The same eruption produced a canyon in 24 hours when Spirit Lake overflowed.

Below, left: All around the world we see layers of rock as evidence of the global flood. From the top to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, there is supposed to be a thousand million years differential in age. Yet there is no erosion between the layers. All the erosion is from the top down, and must have all occurred after the top layer was formed. Many canyons and gorges around the world could not have been formed slowly by the river currently flowing through it, without the river flowing uphill in the initial stages, including our local Manawatu Gorge. A better explanation is rapid formation by an inland lake bursting through, as in the Grand Canyon, or flood waters draining off when the rock was soft.

Right: Further evidence of little time between the top and bottom rock layers: Earthquake fault lines displacing the layers are seen all around the world. On our Y9&10 biennial trip to Cape Kidnappers, we see several within a few kilometers. These fault lines go through every layer, indicating that the earthquake happened after the last layer was formed, and there was little or no time for earthquake activity between the formation of bottom and top layers. It doesn’t take a PhD!

At this school, the older students will also be taught about the assumptions and contradictions in commonly accepted dating methods and Big Bang Theory, which now states that nothing exploded and became everything as it absorbed matter and energy from nothing around it, breaking verifiable laws of physics in the process. They will also learn the truth about fossils, which point very much to creation followed by a global flood, and not the gradual change predicted by Darwin.

Creation / evolution is a very important matter for its social consequences. Ever since evolution has been taught in schools the rates of social problems such as depression, youth suicide, sexual promiscuity, abortions, drug and alcohol addiction have exploded. Is it any wonder when the youth of the nation are taught that they are nothing but rearranged pond scum, and there is no accountability to God? This matter is also very important for how children trust the entire Word of God from Genesis 1 onwards, including the important message of the Gospel, and God’s riches to guilty sinners! Satan also knows this, which is why evolution theory is one of his principal weapons in the world today.

Truth is truth! Scientific truth does not contradict Biblical truth as it has the same Author. We love science! When people claim that science contradicts the Bible, they are referring to the interpretation, not the actual evidence which supports the Bible very well. For example, when a rock is dated to be millions of years old, the “date” is not the evidence. The evidence is the ratio of radioactive isotopes, while the “age” is the result of a mathematical formula based upon a series of assumptions. We accept the evidence, but not the assumptions. Evolution is driven by the fear of religious consequences, not by good science. Religious assumptions affect everyone’s world-view: One person will look at the Grand Canyon and try to “see” what a little water did over a lot of time. Another person beholding the same scenery will “see” what a lot of water did in a little time. Our children are taught to weigh and question the actual evidence which we have no reason to fear, while children at state schools will not be taught to question the lack of erosion between rock layers, nor why fault lines don’t stop halfway, nor even consider the consequences of natural selection causing genetic information to decrease. It is not us that discourages children to think!