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The Ponatahi Christian School Prospectus


Steps of Enrolment

  • Ensure that you are familiar with the contents of this document, especially the article on “Upholding the Special Character” on pages 5 and 6, and seriously consider whether you are willing to meet these expectations in school time.
  • Fill out an application form for each child, available online or from the school office, and send it to school. We will be in touch with you – please give us a reminder if you don’t have a response within a week. Applications from new families outside the Proprietor church always go to a full BOT meeting. This may take a month of more, so please take this into account when sending in an application form. See also the note about new entrants on page 36. May the Lord add His blessing and lead both parties in a clear way!

First you must consider why you want to enroll your children at this school.

The Proprietors consider that anyone who is serious about Christian education will normally start when the oldest in the family turns five, not years later when troubles arise at another school.

If the primary goal for your children’s education is high achievement, a positive learning environment, or cultural and sporting opportunities, then there are many good state schools around. We have no doubt about the quality of education and quality of teachers in many state schools and colleges in the local area. They can provide opportunities which we cannot compete with. If, on the other hand, you desire the Word of God to be at the center of both family life and school life, mutually complementing one another, then other local education options are limited and your family may fit in well here.

Do you …

  • take the Bible seriously from Genesis 1 to Revelations 22, including a literal interpretation of Genesis 1 (creation), Genesis 3 (the fall), Romans 5 (redemption), and Revelations 21&22 (finaljudgement and eternal life)?
  • take the law of God seriously, and make decisions around the entertainments in your home
  • know something of the horror of sin, which Satan tries to desensitize us to, and look forward to a
    time when all sin will be finally subdued?
  • acknowledge that there is no good thing in us and our only hope for true happiness and eternal life is in Christ alone, upon whom we may lean on?
  • realise that this world is broken through sin, and all its values, entertainments and possessions are perishing with it, and we are called to be strangers and pilgrims here. So the most important thing for us and our children is to prepare for eternity?

If you relate well to these matters, then this school is likely to be a wise choice for your family.

Preference Children

All children are “preference” to their parents, and to the teachers for that matter. Yet we must abide by the law and make a distinction between those for whom the school was established and those for whom the school was not necessarily established, but who are welcome to take advantage of it. The Ministry of Education imposes this classification on us to prevent the school from taking away students, in serious numbers, from local state schools (not that we would want to anyway). At the time of writing, the “preference” status is given automatically to families of the Proprietor church, the Free Presbyterian Church, and the Reformed Church. Others must apply to the Proprietors.

Spaces Available

As at 2019 the physical capacity of the classrooms and building is stretched, and this is likely to continue in 2020 and 2021. In practical terms this means that other than the children attending the proprietor church and new entrants from the other two “preference” churches who are on our waiting list well before the 5th birthday, entry into the school is very limited. The earlier a new entrant is on our waiting list the better. Once the oldest child is attending school, the younger siblings have as close to a guaranteed place as we can give, because we do strive to keep the family together.