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The Ponatahi Christian School Prospectus


The Board of Trustees has a range of procedure and policy statements showing how the school meets the requirements of the National Administration Guidelines (the NAGs).

NAG1: Curriculum
NAG2: Documentation and Self-Review
NAG3: Being a good employer
NAG4: Stewardship of property and finance.
NAG5: Health and safety of students.
NAG6: Legal compliance
NAG7&8 have recently been added to compel schools to administer and report on National Standards.

The BOT’s policies on the NAGs are public documents, and a complete set is placed in the main foyer at school and another set in the staffroom. They are intentionally numbered 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc., to match the NAG numbers. The office can arrange photocopies or email attachments for any interested parent. The policies are reviewed over a three year cycle by the BOT, and anything can be reviewed at any time if there is a serious matter or urgent request. (This is one of the reasons why we have parent reps on the BOT).

The School Charter, Strategic Plan, and Annual Management Plan may be of particular interest to parents.

BOT minutes, agenda, and the monthly principal’s report to the BOT are also public documents and any interested parent can request these to be regularly emailed. Please see the office.

We also have a range of curriculum implementation schemes. These contain mainly technical information for the teachers, and may have limited use for parents, but they are not “secret”. On the other hand, assessment data stored in the principal’s office wherein students are named, and information on teacher appraisal and pay, etc., is all subject to privacy laws and is not accessible to the public.

Craft work in the primary school.

Music has an important place in the school. Linked very much to our Special Character, introducing children to quality music which glorifies God is a key factor in protecting the next generation from the wrong music.

What follows is a miscellaneous set of photos of school activities from the Antarctica Centre in Christchurch, to learning from members of the local Iwi, to science, art, and technology learning, and more.

Special Needs Support: God has given everyone potential, and the more special the need, the more opportunity for everyone to help the individual reach that potential.