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Teacher Vacancies

A number of both primary and secondary positions are expected to come available for 2022. Please contact the principal for information.

Even if there is no official vacancy in your specialist area, we are always interested in hearing from prospective teachers who identify with the Special Character of the school, and who have a passion for building up the Kingdom of God rather than using ones talents in a non-Christian environment where one is hindered from teaching the truth. Therefore any prospective teacher, from anywhere in the world, who can identify with the School’s Special Character as being reflective of their own personal beliefs, who is a member in good standing in a conservative Reformed, Free Presbyterian, or Strict Baptist, or similar church, and who would like to consider teaching at this school is welcome to email even if a position is not currently open.

All prospective teachers from either New Zealand or overseas need to follow registration procedures with the Education Council May the Lord lead both of us in a clear way. Who knows what the Lord may do in providing us a potential teacher, and providing yourself with a stepping stone in this rewarding career. It has often been the Lord’s way to provide for us a solution before the problem or vacancy became apparent. May all honour be to Him alone.

We are also interested in student teachers who identify with the School’s Special Character. We have successfully hosted several student teachers over the years from both New Zealand and overseas. Most overseas Teachers’ Colleges allow an international internship as part of their programme in the final year of training. A letter of reference from a church elder or Pastor is required.


P Bertram