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Ponatahi Christian School – The School With The Bible

Combined primary and secondary school of the Reformed Congregations of New Zealand.

Ponatahi Christian School is a registered, co-educational, integrated school for Year 1 (new entrants) to Y13 students.

The Special Character of our School is legally defined as follows:

Ponatahi Christian School, the School with the Bible, has been established to uphold the values and doctrines of the Christian Religion as determined from time to time by the Consistory of the Reformed Congregations of New Zealand at Carterton. The school reflects this by:

  • Upholding the honour of the LORD in all curricula and expected conduct and work habits of both students and staff.
  • Teaching young people that they are born as lost sinners and can only be reconciled to God the Father by a supernatural work of regenerating grace whereby the Holy Spirit grants faith to receive of the merits of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Assisting young people, where possible, in developing the skills and attitudes needed to diligently use the Word of God (King James Version) as the means of God’s grace.

The Church attached to the School

Mission Statement

“From a Biblical foundation to prepare young people for the world in which they must live, work and continue to learn; the LORD willing. That, with God’s grace, they have developed the necessary life skills and attitudes, to be enabled to discern between sinful and godly values, and make choices accordingly. This includes using their talents and opportunities for service in God’s Kingdom at a personal, family, church and community level.”